Future Hope is an association founded in 2013. The main objective was to cater for the needs of children who cannot follow the normal school syllabus and who would have been left on their own (unattended) and who would inevitably become “street children”. They are looked after at Future Hope and get a daily breakfast and lunch for those who attend the day school (within normal school hours (09h00 – 14h00). Most of these kids come from poor family background. Future Hope also has four other “learning” centers situated in Sainte Croix, Roches Bois, Cite La Cure & Petite Riviere. These three centers operate after school hours from 15h30 to 17h00 and are run by volunteers who freely spare their time to accompany the children after school hours.


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  1. Main Building will consist of the following amenities:
  • A Gymnasium which will be annexed to the main building + changing rooms (where all sports items will be stored: balls/nets & musical instruments etc…) + an indoor volley ball and basket ground + fitness machines to allow the kids to have a good balance in both intellectual and physical aspects (“a healthy mind in a healthy body)
  • A main office which will comprise :
    • The administration office
    • A medical room equipped with the basic medical items
    • A library where the students can come in their free time to read or work
  • A kitchen equipped with tables and chairs that can accommodate at least 100 sitting capacity
    • A microwave oven and a conventional oven
    • A water fountain 
    • Fridges and freezers to store foods that need to be chilled. 
    •   The kitchen will also contain different home appliances/items)
  • A generator will also be needed to cater for power cuts
  • An IT room equipped with computers and a “server” if really needed.
  • A conference room to cater for 10 persons
    • Tables and chairs 
    • A whiteboard 
    • A overhead projector
  • A room for music classes will also be included in the main building(it might also be an identified place in the gymnasium for these classes)

In this context, the Association is also looking for a possibility to have the different rooms equipped with sliding doors between each room so as to have more space for specific needs (meeting with all staff and parents/talks to more than 25 children)


  • A football ground 
  • A garden which will be “looked after” by the children themselves with the help of someone who has experience in gardening and also sell their products to the neighboring vicinities.
  • A space for “apiculture” – which will add great value to the environment and also that can be a source of revenue to the association. (the honey collected can be sold)
  • Future Hope also intends to have a farming school where the children will have the farming classes in their time tables.
  • Enough space to accommodate school camps and exchange with other associations when outdoor sports or activities are organized.
  • A swimming pool


Opportunities and benefits of the project will bring along youth integration and development

  • Breakfast and lunch are offered on a daily basis to the children attending the school.
  • Transport facilities will be offered, that is, Future Hope will purchase 3 vans to facilitate transport of the children to their premises.
  • All school materials will be offered to the students. 


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